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(2022 Strategy)

With your help, the Lighthouse will be leading the change in homelessness!

The BOLD 2022 Strategy: 


12 Male, 20 Women & Children

32 Male, 49 Women & Children

After 2022 Strategy:
60 Male, 73 Women & Children
36 Affordable Homes 

Our Goal: 1,000 People giving $100 a month

Housing is the Lighthouse's top initiative for the 2022 year. Our funding goal will fund all four (4) major projects which will add 52 beds, as well as kickstart the addition of 36 Affordable Homes.


Here is how you can help: 


1,000 People Giving $100/mo. = $100,000/mo.

It's that simple! With your help, the Lighthouse can be closer to having a bed for every single homeless person in the City of Tulare! 

Note: Donated funds will be used to acquire factory-built housing, site-development, license and permitting, landscaping, and furnishing homes. Remaining donation will be used to support operations.


We are seeking investors for Affordable Housing developments. If you are interested please contact us at (559) 582-3871.


16 Emergency Shelter Beds

5 Permanent Homes

224 South H Street

Five (5) 576 sq. ft. Permanent Supportive homes will be placed at 224 South H Street. Each Unit will be capable of housing two individuals or one family. These units will provide permanent housing for those currently in their journey out of homelessness. 


In 2021, four (4) 288 sq. ft. Emergency Shelters were added to the adjoining property, 214 South H Street. With the addition of the five (5) Permanent Supportive homes we will create a peer-support community with supportive people and supportive services. 


August 2021: Added 16 Emergency Shelter Beds - 214 South "H" Street


Early 2022: Add 5 Permanent Supportive Houses - 224 South "H" Street



Emergency Shelter Beds Added:
12 Male 

219 West Kern Avenue

Six (6) 144 sq. ft. Emergency Shelter units will be added to the current Men's Room and Board property at 219 W Kern Ave. These units will be used for Men's Emergency Shelter. Each unit can house two individuals, adding a total of 12 beds for Emergency Shelter. 

Three (3) units have been delivered to 219 W. Kern Ave. and are available to the public for personal or group tours. To schedule, please contact Executive Director Karen Beemus at (559) 687-8317. 


Sept 2021: Three (3) Pocket 144 Units delivered to property, awaiting city approval for site development to begin.


January 2022: Begin permitting process and site development.


February 2022: Plug-in remaining three (3) units, move in.

219 Site plan.png
Womens Shelter.jpg

Workforce Supportive Beds Added: 
8 Women & Children

120 South G Street

One (1) Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) will be added to the current Women's overnight shelter and room and board property. This ADU will have 4 bedrooms, each housing two individuals or one family. A total of 8 beds will be added for Women and Children.


This ADU will house Workforce Supportive individuals who have taken the step out of the  Emergency Shelter and are engaging in daily positive and purposeful work with the Lighthouse.


Workforce Supportive Housing is a temporary introduction to supportive people and service. With participation in positive and purposeful activities and engaging in community support, guests can work towards maintaining a lifestyle for more independent living with out Transitional Room and Board. 


Spring 2022: Begin permitting process and site development.


June 2022: Plug in ADU, final site preparations, move in.




Emergency Shelter Beds Added:
6 Male, 6 Women & Children

Affordable Homes:
36 2Bed/1Bath Homes 

Dayton St. and Alpine Ave.

Six (6) 144 sq ft Emergency Shelters will be added on a temporary basis while planning activities are taking place for an Affordable Housing Development. These units will house 2 individuals each, a total of 6 Men and 6 Women and Children. 


The Lighthouse will add 36 Affordable Homes to the City of Tulare. Each home will be 576 sq. ft., 2Bed/1Bath with a kitchen and living area. The Lighthouse will oversee operations and property management of the homes as well as refer previously homeless individuals and families to available homes. 


Summer 2022:  Planning and Permitting for 6 Temporary Units.



Fall 2022: Delivery and Move-in 6 Emergeny Shelter Units.



Late 2022: Begin development of Affordable Housing Community.


Pocket Shelter.png
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